May 2017 prelims adding new cars

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Re: May 2017 prelims adding new cars

Post by Jer » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:27 pm

I received John Mills' email, and he suggested I post my reply to him on this board. I haven't been checking this forum in a while, so I haven't been aware of the current discussion.

"SCCA was successful in growing GT2 numbers, but what they really did was create a new class and called it GT2. There are very few cars that comprised the old GT2 class that are competitive with the "new breed" (read TA2, T1, etc) of GT2 car, and very few show up at races. I believe the same thing will happen to GT3 if new high-tech street cars (19" wheels, when we've fought about 16's in GT3?) are brought in. Now, I also acknowledge that GT3 turnouts need some major improvement, but I'd like to see SCCA explore other avenues before looking to the best that good car manufacturers can produce."

Now, having read most of this thread, I'd like to add a few thoughts. Colin has suggested that he'd welcome the proposed new cars as long as they were subject to the same performance restrictions as current GT3 cars. Good luck with that! I'm very familiar with TA2 cars, because my son Steven has been campaigning one for a couple years. I know with certainty that some TA2 cars have competed in Club GT2 races without correct restrictors. SCCA tech crews generally didn't know what restrictor was required for which engine/year (it changed often) and so did nothing. Now, Tom Patton is a great driver and welcomes the increased competition in GT2 with the bigger fields. Sorry, Tom, but you might not feel that way if more of the top TA2 cars ran Club races. If you look at lap times at most tracks where both TA2 and Club GT2 run, you'll see that TA2 cars are significantly faster, even with the crummy Hoosier tires they used last year, often running well under existing Club GT2 lap records. If getting dusted by cars that can run hundreds of racing miles without even an engine refresh is the kind of competition you enjoy, so be it! The post above mentions the hazard of heavier steel-bodied cars, which is well known to those of us who have run with AS cars. All these issues, when applied to GT3, do not bode well for the survival of GT3 as we know it. If we are looking at the potential demise of GT3, though, it will be from a self-inflicted wound. We fought like cats and dogs on this forum over issues like K24 (is that the right engine? I don't know Nissans) restrictors and 15" versus 16" wheels and inclusion of old GT2 cars etc. The net result was that a lot of cars got parked. For a bunch of intelligent builders and drivers, we've been pretty dumb.
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