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GT Race Car GT-RaceCar.Com is dedicated to the development and growth of the Grand Touring (GT) road racing classes in both club and professional racing. The site is your place to find race reports, discuss issues, exchange information, buy and sell cars and parts and learn more about these exciting cars and their drivers.

GT cars are purpose-built, highly modified replicas of series-produced sports sedans. GT cars can be either tube-frame or tub chassis with performance being equalized by allowing cars with smaller engines to compete at a lighter weight. GT-1 cars are the fastest of the category and are the closest to the SCCA Pro Racing Trans-Am® Series. GTL is the smallest class with performance equalized by a combination of Singe Inlet Air Restrictor and weight. There is a place in GT for almost any make or model of car and engine produced.

GT offers car builders room for creative thinking, optimizing of suspension, creativity in brake technology and various engine building choices that helps keep GT exciting for engineers as well as drivers. There are currently four GT classes in club racing and here are examples of the makes you may see in each class:

GT1: Corvette, Cutlass, Camaro, Mustang, Jaguar and other V8 powered muscle cars, otherwise knows as the ground pounders!

GT2: Porsche GT3 Cup, Panoz GTS, Acura RSX, Mazda RX7, Sunbeam Tiger, Toyota Celica, Nissan 280Z, Nissan 350Z…

GT3: Nissan 240SX, Nissan 350Z, Mazda RX7, Toyota Paseo, Toyota Celica, BMW E46, Ford Probe…

GTL: Toyota Tercel, Honda Civic, Honda CRX, BMC Mini (old and new), Nissan 1200, Nissan Sentra, Nissan 200sx…

At the professional level, GT cars exist in series such as Trans-Am, Grand-Am and IMSA where production-based and tube-frame chassis GT cars compete for both sprint and endurance championships.

The majority of the activity here takes place in our Community Forums. There you can read posts from active drivers as they debate issues as mundane as sourcing bolts to heated discussions between rivals. Race officials, vendors and engineers from the various series and car manufacturing companies also visit often. Whether you have questions about how the cars are built, how they handle or how the races are conducted, this is great place to ask your questions.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the GT Race Car community!